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“Russian Roulette" by JIMDAHOUSECAT and John Tibbott is new this week! We asked these two which art tool they would use if they could only use one for the rest of their lives. Here are their answers:
"I would choose a ballpoint pen, because most of my ideas and sketches are drawn with a ballpoint pen on post-it notes when I should be working at the office." -JIMDAHOUSECAT
“Really tough question, but if you had me in a sleeper hold and made me pick one, I’d say my Pentel retractable pencil. I’ve had many like this over the years, and it’s the first thing I grab to sketch one of my crappy ideas. In a previous job, all I did was sketch crappy ideas and give them to someone talented to make them look good! To quote Full Metal Jacket, ‘This is my pencil there are many like it but this one is mine.’” - John Tibbott
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